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Jason C. Sawicki is a photographer, artist, technologist, and outdoors enthusiast who is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally from South Eastern Connecticut and residing in coastal New England, Jason has a lifetime of experience on, in, and under-the-water. A graduate of the University of Connecticut's Natural Resources Management Program Jason began his professional career as a fisheries scientist employed by several state and federal agencies in New England, Oregon, and Washington state where he supported the management of both marine and freshwater fisheries in conjunction with environmental impact evaluations related to dredging and other activities effecting near-shore environments. This background provided him with a profound insight towards the challenging conservation efforts surrounding our natural resources and critical coastal and wildland habitats.   

Today, Jason is an avid recreational angler, scuba diver, and USCG licensed light tackle charter captain who carries a camera to capture and share a perspective through his lens that many may never have the opportunity to experience. As a contributing photographer for Getty Images, his journalistic approach and imagery has been described as raw, emotive, and inspiring being known for a focus on nature, marine life, and outdoor sports. When not pursing his passions afield, Jason works within information technology as a Sr. Business Intelligence Manager in the Oracle/ Hyperion EPM space. His light tackle charter information can be found at

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